Experts top professionals that are integrated into your company as quickly to a flexible cost

The Interim Manager is a figure with a specific experience in a corporate area or in a particular business sector.

Its incorporation can be full time or part time, but in any case always be temporary.

They are profiles aportanr much to the management teams of the companies. General comments and experiences from our customers, stand out from the figure of an Interim Manager the following:

  • The Management experience first class company with several changes throughout his previous career, and even more importantly, with several changes in the business sector. For example, professionals who come from the field of auditing or consulting, which subsequently have joined the executive management of a private company (operating in commercial, industrial or service sectors) and finally offer their professional services as Interim Managers.
  • The Quickly to assume the responsibilities of his position and ability to identify problems and propose and implement corrective actions. Unlike other consulting profiles an Interim Manager has had executive positions in other companies, he has assumed responsibilities and has taken decisions (often difficult) to straighten complicated situations, to launch new projects, etc. That is he has lived the problems of a company in the day and knows “reality.”
  • The Ability to work in teams: the profile of a good Interim Manager is usually that of a highly collaborative and cooperative person: does not expect a promotion, does not stop at calibrating the more or less political weight of their decisions, but focuses clear and quick results, giving priority to its practical approach and in order to defend obtaining a positive result in both the short and the medium and long term, depending on the situation being experienced by the company and the purpose for which it has He has been hired.
  • In Projects that allow part-time presence (in our experience, many projects allow part-time presence) The ability to integrate into your organization to a high profile at a lower cost than would have that profile in template of the company. This phenomenon usually occurs with the resident management team in a company: how many hours a day the manager creates value? In our experience, a good number of hours of a manager just using repetitive or low-value tasks, tasks that can be delegated and carried out by staff at a lower cost.
  • The Variability and flexibility of the cost of hiring. This fact must be added the savings in time and mitigation “risk of being wrong” with the profile, in case the company decides to select and hire an internal resource.