Outsourcing administrative DepAdmin: the best results at the lowest cost.

Meet you every month, in a timely manner, how much you earn your company? Which items or services you win or lose money? Which customers are the most profitable and which are interested leave? Know how much they owe their customers? How should your suppliers? It has a reliable and updated forecast cash? …



Save on administrative costs while improving the quantity and quality of information that manages your company.

Cost savings and more professional management control with DepAdmin

DepAdmin is a service outsourcing their administrative activities and management control that will allow you to:

  • Save administrative costs from day one.
  • Have all the information needed to manage your company: 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • Receive a full scorecard with the evolution of key indicators for the management of your company.
  • Receive personalized advice from consultants Year To Date.

We propose to work together with us on improving and optimizing your management department. The philosophy of our success is simple: some of the tasks performed within your company are valued by their customers (order entry, control sales prices, customer service, progamación shipments, after-sales service … ) others are necessary to keep your business running efficiently (management and reception purchasing, production scheduling, etc) … however many of the tasks performed by its administrative staff are routine, repetitive, and what’s more, do not provide any VALUE BY WILLING TO PAY THAT ARE YOUR CLIENTS, BECOMING FOR YOU IN UNNECESSARY overcharged.

An external control service management? Why it works?

Year To Date is specialized in financial consulting and management firm control. Our team of consultants has extensive experience working in positions of Financial Management / Control Management in complex enterprises, medium-large and belonging size to various sectors (industrial, commercial, services, construction …) we be able to detect critical areas in the operation of your company, decide with you what tasks performed by each of us and will automate and externalizaremos tasks that do not add value. In return we will provide more and better information to manage your business and if you wish, we will accompany you on task management, giving all our experience and knowledge at your service.

We guarantee the quality of our work relying on a software tool, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that will implement free and that will become the computer system of your company. It encompasses all functional, modular, economical, easy to use and intuitive areas, standard … AND WITHOUT INITIAL INVESTMENT !!!

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